Clear Casting

N.B. All clear casting resins contain Methyl Methacrylate and have a strong odour

Small Resin Castings up to 50g
Resin EM400PA

Known as our 'Shallowcast Resin' it is ideal for small clear water castings, between 10-50g in weight. Cures by the addition of 2% of Liquid Catalyst for castings up to 25g and 1% addition for castings between 25-50g. The setting time for this product is about 25 minutes. Also suitable for embedding small items. The resin can be tinted using Translucent Colour Pigments and the top surface will always dry tack free. Refer to Information Leaflet T109.

Size Code  
500g 1010003 £12.13
1kg 1010010 £17.69
2.5kg 1010027 £35.97
5kg 1010034 £54.43
4 x 5kg 1010041 £175.60

Larger Castings from 50g to 500g
Resin EM310PA

Our clear polyester casting resin for larger castings from 50g-500g Trylon clear casting resin can be used to produce attractive paperweights, decorative blocks, or for the embedding of medical or biological specimens. The resin requires the addition of 1-2% of Liquid Catalyst (see Information Leaflet T78), setting time is approximately one hour.

Size Code  
500g 1010058 £12.59
1kg 1010065 £18.36
2.5kg 1010072 £37.28
5kg 1010089 £55.64
4 x 5kg 1010096 £178.49

Resin CK427PA

Ideally suited to produce clear block casts with improved weather compared with standard polyester resins.

Size Code  
500g 1010102 £12.13
1kg 1010119 £17.69
2.5kg 1010126 £35.97
5kg 1010133 £54.43
4 x 5kg 1010140 £175.62

Translucent Colour Pigments

For tinting our clear casting and embedding resins. Colours available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Magenta and Amber

Size Code  
25g 1020101 £3.48
500g 1020118 £13.26

Crystal Resin

A two component epoxy resin from Pebeo. Designed for moulding, casting, encapsulation & as an imitation of glass paste. Easy to use, with little smell and good transparency.

Size Code  
300ml 1010195 £19.39
750ml 1010201 £37.45

Crystal Sheen

A clear high gloss two pack epoxy coating. Gives a superb finish on wood, jewellery, dried flowers or with colour pastes for cold enamels. A versatile product that can also be used for glazing photos, decoupage work & glass restoration. (Information Leaflet T102)

Approx Size Code  
250ml 1012946 £13.06
500ml 1012953 £20.95
4 Litre 1012960 £107.00

Trylon Liquid Catalyst

Essential for curing our polyester casting resins. The catalyst is added at an addition of 1-2% (see relevant information leaflet) by weight of resin. Measuring & dispensing equipment is shown on page 19

Size Code  
10ml for 500g Resin 1010153 £2.73
20ml for 1kg Resin 1010157 £3.35
50ml for 2.5kg Resin 1010164 £4.19
100ml for 5kg Resin 1010171 £6.29
4 x 100ml for 20kg Resin 1010188 £19.94

Rigid Moulds

Shape Size (mm) Code  
Barrel 145x86x40 1010218 £11.95
Rectangular 85x55x30 1010225 £5.62
Square 75x75x26 1010226 £5.80
Round 34x60 Dia 1010227 £4.68
Dome 30x75 Dia 1010228 £5.80
Multi Shape Jewellery 11 piece 1010229 £5.46

Specialist Casting

Quickcast Resin

An exceptionally strong two-part urethane casting resin designed to reproduce excellent detailed models from flexible rubber moulds. The pot life of this material is only 2 minutes, so it is essential to have everything ready before you proceed. Working temperature for the resin & moulds must be at least 20-22°C. Before use, spray mould surface with Cilase 1711E or similar release agent. (Information Leaflet T126)

Size Code  
1kg Pack 1010948 £22.00
2kg Pack 1010959 £39.00

R6 Release Agent

400ml 1010966 £12.26

Base Casting Resin SP701PA

A low viscosity base casting resin that can be filled up to a loading ratio 70:30 of Filler:Resin by weight, or can be used for small items unfilled. As some fillers have a tendency to "drop out" it is advisable to mix and use immediately.

Size Code  
500g 1010331 £8.25
1kg 1010348 £14.29
2.5kg 1010355 £30.25
5kg 1010362 £49.50
4 x 5kg 1010379 £170.50

Calcium Carbonate Filler Powder

Additive filler powder for our Base Resin SP701PA up to a loading ratio 70:30 of Filler:Resin

Size Code  
1kg 1010430 £4.48
5kg 1010447 £16.79
25kg 1010454 £45.00

Sintered Metal Powders

Pure metals in the form of a fine powder, suitable for mixing with polyester casting resins
and metals can be intermixed.


Size Code  
500g 1010553 £20.40
2kg 1010560 £76.23
5kg 1010577 £165.57


Size Code  
500g 1010584 £20.59
2kg 1010591 £77.61
5kg 1010607 £168.39


Size Code  
500g 1010614 £19.95
2kg 1010621 £75.59
5kg 1010638 £165.89


Size Code  
500g 1010522 £14.96
2kg 1010539 £47.25
5kg 1010546 £92.30


Size Code  
500g 1010645 £8.05
2kg 1010652 £22.50
5kg 1010669 £42.55

Casting Metals


A lead free alloy conforming to BS5140, with a Tin content of 91%, the other ingredients being Copper & Antimony. Pewter has a distinctive white colour, is tough and malleable. It is ideal for products requiring fine detail and a polished surface. However it is not suitable for producing sharp edges as in filigree decoration. Melting Temperature around 295-315°C.

Size Code  
1kg 1010980 £40.00
2kg 1010997 £75.00
5kg 1011000 £175.00

K A Alloy (Contains Lead)

Alloy containing Tin (55%), Antimony and Lead It is free flowing & suitable for complex and delicate castings such as filigree work. Due to the high Tin content, castings have a bright appearance. Melting point around 250-315°C.

Size Code  
1kg 1011024 £25.20
2kg 1011031 £47.25
5kg 1011048 £103.95

All Round Alloy

Alloy contains 31% Tin & is a good 'all rounder'. The castings are malleable & good results are easily achieved when casting figures and jewellery. Ideally suited to beginners. Melting point around 280-310°C.

Size Code  
1kg 1011062 £19.95
2kg 1011079 £35.70
5kg 1011086 £82.95

Mould Making

Latex Liquid Rubber

Air drying on the surface of a master pattern to form a highly flexible rubber skin Latex rubber can be used for the production of moulds for such diverse items as garden
ornaments to theatrical masks. Latex is easy to use, strong, and will give good definition and accuracy of reproduction

Size Code  
500ml 1011208 £6.10
1 Litre 1011215 £9.25
5 Litres 1011224 £35.00
20 Litres 1011239 £115.00

Latex Thickener

By adding up to 1 drop per gram of Latex, it will thicken the Latex to the consistency of emulsion paint. This is particularly useful when painting Latex onto non-porous surfaces, or when wishing to rapidly build up the mould thickness.

Size Code  
100g 1011246 £2.78
1kg 1011253 £11.78
5kg 1011260 £26.23
20kg 1011277 £60.85

Latex Colourants

Latex can be coloured using Trylon Latex Colourants, in a range of intermixable colours with an addition rate of approximately 5%. The colours will darken considerably on drying & use of excessive amounts may affect the cure of the Latex.
Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, White or Brown

Size Code  
150g 1011307 £2.35
450g 1011314 £5.24

Stretchi Paints

Limited Stock Available -To Be Discontinued once sold

Water soluble, non-toxic paint suitable for the painting of cured Latex mouldings or fabrics. Intermixable colours that will not flake or crack.
Colours Available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Bronze, Gold, Black or White

Size Code  
30ml 1011323 £4.19
120ml 1011338 £8.91

Trylon Silicone Rubber

An excellent general purpose silicone rubber, used for mould making where minute surface detail needs to be reproduced and deep undercuts are present. Silicone Rubber has virtually no shrinkage and therefore will accurately reproduce dimensions & is extremely durable. Information leaflet T114 for moulding techniques is available upon request.
NB. All packs include curling agent

Size Code  
250g 1011345 £17.59
500g 1011352 £25.00
1kg 1011358 £42.00
2kg 1011369 £80.68
5kg 1011376 £171.50
20kg 1011383 £550.00

Curing Agent for Trylon Silicone Rubber

Sufficient amount for corresponding weight of Silicone Rubber. Sold as a 'stand alone' item.

Size Code  
500g 1011390 £4.69
2kg 1011406 £12.85
5kg 1011413 £27.56
20kg 1011422 £73.49

Thixotropic agent for Trylon Silicone Rubber

This product allows the silicone rubber to be thickened & enables it to be applied onto vertical surfaces to create a mould.

Size Code  
15g 1011437 £4.67
60g 1011444 £11.09
150g 1011451 £19.42
500g 1011468 £46.22

Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber

A translucent silicone rubber with excellent tear strength & capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 315°C. This is ideal for use as a mould for our low melt alloys.
Information leaflet T128 for 'Casting with Silicone Moulds' is available upon request.
NB. All packs include curing agent

Size Code  
250g 1011154 £22.91
500g 1011161 £28.59
1kg 1011178 £52.42
2kg 1011185 £97.97
5kg 1011192 £196.00

Siligum Moulding Paste

A two-part silicone resin in paste form, designed to be kneaded together in equal quantities to effect a cure in 5-10 minutes. An excellent product, which is easy to use & ideal for moulding small & ornate models as it will accurately reproduce detail.

Size Code  
100g 1015299 £12.59
300g 1011475 £24.13

Remeltable PVC Compound

This material can be used as an alternative to silicone rubber, at a lower cost but also a less durable option. This material can be remelted (at 130-135°C) and reused again. We offer two grades of PVC. Information leaflet T105 is supplied with the product.

   Flexible (Natural/Beige) Semi-Flexible (Blue)
  Code   Code  
1kg 1011482 £10.79 1011512 £10.79
5kg 1011499 £44.47 1011521 £44.47
25kg 1011505 £158.81 1011536 £158.81


Biodegradable mouldable plastic granules that when submerged in hot water at 62°C fuse together & can be formed & shaped by hand as required. Sets hard like Nylon & can be reused.

Size Code  
100g 1011537 £2.65
250g 1011538 £6.49
500g 1011539 £12.20
1kg 1011540 £23.00

Alginate Impression Compound

A rapidly setting material that is supplied in powder form, to be mixed with water. Due to its rapid setting ability & non-toxic nature, it is commonly used in contact with skin to mould body parts. Since the moulding compound is water based, it is best to use plaster as the moulding material to produce the cast. Moulds made with Alginate will rapidly deteriorate & are only suitable for producing one or two casts. For more details, information leaflet T129 is available.

Size Code  
500g 1011543 £8.88

Plaster of Paris

A standard white plaster, fairly fast setting and of medium strength for general casting.

Size Code  
1kg 1011604 £4.44
5kg 1011611 £10.00
25kg 1011620 £31.49

Plaster Bandage

A gauze impregnated plaster bandage, which when dipped in to water will start to set after approximately 3 minutes. It can be used on its own in a suitable mould or to clad wire or card models.

Size Code  
20m x 150mm Roll 1011704 £11.44

Milliput - 113g Pack

A two part epoxy putty which hardens when kneaded together. It is non shrinking and sets to a hard, durable material. Can be used for modelling, sculpting and for general repairs around the house. The Superfine White can be used to repair white goods and porcelain. The Terracotta can be used to repair pots, statuettes, damaged brickwork and quarry tiles.

Colour Code  
Standard 1011734 £2.87
Silver Grey 1011741 £4.81
Terracotta 1011758 £3.25
Superfine White 1011765 £5.03
Black 1011767 £5.07

Newplast - White

500g bars of plasticine in packs of 20

Size Code  
Pack 1011789 £35.16